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Physics 111 Video Playlist on Berkeley YouTube

YouTube Playlist

Laser Safety

You must view, read, and complete the following 4 items:

  1. Laser Safety Video — View before Laser Quiz
  2. Laser Safety Manual and Laser Supplement Training Manual — Read during or before completing Laser Quiz
  3. Laser Safety Form — Fill out and turn in to 111 Lab Staff
  4. Laser Safety Quiz — Fill out and turn in to 111 Lab Staff

Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety Video

Error Analysis

Introduction to Error Analysis

Oral Reports

How to do an Oral Report


Atomic Physics (ATM)

Atomic Theory Only
Balmer Experiment
Zeeman Effect

Atom Trapping (MOT)

Beta Ray Spectroscopy (BRA)

Brownian Motion in Cells (BMC)

Bubble Chamber (BBC) Not Available; use as reference

Carbon Dioxide Laser (CO2)

Compton Scattering (COM)

Gamma Ray Spectroscopy (GMA)

Hall Effect in a Plasma (HAL)

Hall Effect in a Semiconductor (SHE)

Holography (HOL)

Josephson Effect (JOS)

Laser Induced Fluorescence & Raman Scattering (LIF)

Low Light Signals (LLS)

Muon Lifetime (MUO)

Nonlinear Dynamics & Chaos (NLD)

Nonlinear Spectroscopy & Magneto-Optics (MNO)

Part-1 Magneto-Nono-Linear-Optics & Faraday-Effect
Part-2 Magneto-Nonlinear Optics & Faraday Effect

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

Part-1 CW NMR
Part-2 Pulsed NMR

Optical Pumping (OPT)

Optical Trapping (OTZ)

Rutherford Scattering (RUT)

X-Ray Crystallography (XRA) No Longer Available; Use as reference

Lecture Series

Energy Levels

Part-1 Energy Levels
Part-2 Energy Levels


Light Sources & Detectors

Optical Instruments

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