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First get the Pink 111 Lab Radiation User Safety Form from a 111-Lab staff person.

  1. Watch the Physics 111-Lab Radiation Safety Video.
  2. Go to the on-line sealed source training at the EH&S site Sealed Source Training. See UC Learning Center, then login with your calnet ID, then Search for "Sealed Sources" in the search windows, register and take the course. Print out the last page and sign it hand it into the 111-Staff.

Option 2; Goto the following links: 1. http://ehs.berkeley.edu/training 2. http://ehs.berkeley.edu/training/how-do-i-register-training-class 3. http://jwas.ehs.berkeley.edu/lmsi 4. Login to UC Learning Center courses 5. type: sealed sources in the search window

  1. Next complete the Pink Sheet for Radiation training in the 111-Lab and hand in the completed on-line certificate.
  2. Read the 111-Lab Radiation Safety sheets below:

Now you can fill out, initial, and sign the pink sheet. Turn the following in to Don Orlando then a GSI will give you your radiation ring:

  • 111 Lab Radiation User Safety Form (pink)
  • Sealed Source User Record of Training Completion certificate
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