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First get the Pink 111 Lab Radiation User Safety Form from a 111-Lab staff person.

  1. Watch the Physics 111-Lab Radiation Safety Video.
  2. Go to the on-line sealed source training at the EH&S site http://googledrive.com/host/0B_F04dIuE7ZJcGNXb1RZZDNkWEU/

Second; Print out the last page and sign it hand it into the 111-Staff with the Pink Sheet.

  1. Next complete the Pink Sheet for Radiation training in the 111-Lab and hand in the completed on-line certificate.
  2. Read the 111-Lab Radiation Safety sheets below:

Now you can fill out, initial, and sign the pink sheet. Turn the following in to Don Orlando then a GSI will give you your radiation ring:

  • 111 Lab Radiation User Safety Form (pink)
  • Sealed Source User Record of Training Completion certificate
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